Art Deco relic on San Fernando Road

I always loved this building. From the Eastsider:

How streets are divided? And why?

Many cities make property owners responsible for sidewalk condition. At one time roads as well. When did government take over roads? And why not sidewalks? For commercial properties tax increment finance could be a good method for development and maintenance of pedestrian facilities and enhancements.

Trikes and Bikes

It looks like tricycles are not just for kids. From the New York Times T Magazine. A good idea for carrying lots of stuff. But heavy if you can’t park on the street and have to carry your bike upstairs. Even for modern three wheelers like the Kify

Transportation Infrastructure and Land Values

Recent research from the Lincoln Institute of Land Policy finds influence from transportation access on long-term land values in the Chicago area.  In the early 20th century there is a dispersal of high value properties along major arterials.  Towards the end of the century, land values are concentrated downtown.  In thr 20th century there is growth of values north but not south of downtown reflecting (or reflected by) the level of service and investment in transportation.

Beauty of Mapping

From City Lab on making maps beautiful and providing information better in the digital age

A Bicycle-Powered Moving Company’s Sales Pitch: We’re Just Faster – Feargus O’Sullivan – The Atlantic Cities

An area I have wanted to study for some time, non-motorized freight:

NYTimes: Navigating Our World Like Birds and Bees

Does this tell us anything about traffic? NYTimes: Navigating Our World Like Birds and Bees