Underground Living

I recently came across the Lowline, a Lower Eastside analogy to the Highline. Described as the first underground park, the concept is reminiscent of some of the plans for Dupont Underground in Washington, DC. There are many examples of underground living both intentionally designed and reuse. The interesting part of the Lowline proposal is the technology for bringing in sunlight, which could make a big different in many urban environments not just underground. See http://www.thelowline.org/.

Transportation Infrastructure and Land Values

Recent research from the Lincoln Institute of Land Policy finds influence from transportation access on long-term land values in the Chicago area.  In the early 20th century there is a dispersal of high value properties along major arterials.  Towards the end of the century, land values are concentrated downtown.  In thr 20th century there is growth of values north but not south of downtown reflecting (or reflected by) the level of service and investment in transportation.

Beauty of Mapping

From City Lab on making maps beautiful and providing information better in the digital age

A Bicycle-Powered Moving Company’s Sales Pitch: We’re Just Faster – Feargus O’Sullivan – The Atlantic Cities

An area I have wanted to study for some time, non-motorized freight: http://m.theatlanticcities.com/commute/2014/03/bicycle-powered-moving-companys-sales-pitch-were-just-faster/8701/

NYTimes: Navigating Our World Like Birds and Bees

Does this tell us anything about traffic? NYTimes: Navigating Our World Like Birds and Bees

Kids and Coffee

It is strange to see the school kids, elementary and middle (I can tell from the uniforms, jumpers or plaid skirts, coming into Starbucks with a parent or a parent waiting in the car, chatting with each other and other regulars of the morning rush.

I remember in eighth grade a few times meeting other kids at Cocos for a pre school breakfast. It was something rare, I had to scrape together the money, and felt somewhat illicit, reserved for adults. Then we had to ride bikes uphill full of eggs, pancakes, late for class.

Postscript: the Cocos is now a Chase Bank branch

Parking benefits

American Apparel is providing valet parking for workers, who complained of being late for shifts looking for parking, as reported by the Los Angeles Times. Does American Apparel also offer transit benefits? Or bike parking and showers?


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